2012 Basketball Bracket Update

by Jeremy | Mar 26, 2012 at 12:35 pm | News

Well the competition is close! The fourth and fifth rounds have finished up, and the final four was determined.
This Bracket Battle could go down to who wins the National Championship. IT'S THAT CLOSE!!

Miriam Schepers (Missouri Alliance for Children & Families) - 72pts
Click to view bracket here.

Amanda Klatt (GTECH Missouri) - 90pts
Click to view bracket here.

If you took advantage of the one day "second chance" event, here is what you will want to see in the upcoming days:

If you picked to be on Merriam's team, you will want to cheer on Kentucky all the way. If they win the championship game, SO DO YOU!

Amanda's teamates will need to have Kentucky either lose the next game against Louisville, or the Championship. If they lose either of those, your bracket racked up enough points to hold out for the BIG WIN!