Healthcare providers need environments which perform. Not only to the traffic and long hours they endure, but to the comforting perceptions patients have come to expect.

    - We will partner with you to examine your goals.
    - Create environment options to maximize your success.
    - Coordinate product demonstrations to ensure performance and aesthetic
    - Keep you informed and within timeline for implementation.
    - Deliver and install to create minimum disruption between staff and patients.
    - Support and monitor product performance after implementation.
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Let us help you enhance an existing space or create an entirely new space within these areas and categories:

Patient Rooms Public Waiting & Lounge
- Reliners - Single Person Seating
- Sleepers - Gangable & Modular Seating
- Cabinetry - Bariatric Seating
- Signage - Sleepers
- Soft Seating
Exam Rooms - Occasional Tables & Planters
 - Tables - Signage
 - Signage - Reception Stations
 - Seating
 - Cabinets Cafe & Breakroom
 - Stools - Tables
- Chairs
Grounds Exterior - Booths
- Benches - Cabinets
- Waste & Recycling Recepticals - Signage
- Signage
- Surface Mounted Cafe Seating Training & Collaborative Spaces
- Umbrellas & Covered Shelters - Nesting & Powered Tables
- Cabinets
Admin Work Areas - High Density Seating
- Conference Tables with Connectivity - Open Plan Modular Conference
- Private Office Antimicrobial Casegoods - Signage
- Modular Wall & Panel Systems
- Ergonomic Task & Executive Seating
- Signage
Below is a showcase of projects we have supported by category. Please see how we have worked together with other healthcare providers, and contact us at to see how we can work together to bring out the best in you. Click on the category text to view showcases.

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