Below are customer projects we were involved in and continue to support within this healthcare segment. We are excited to showcase our customers successes and honored they selected us to help make them happen.  

Capital Region Medical Center (CRMC) - Medical Clinic Expansion


Capital Region Medical Center (CRMC) has added a 115,000 square foot Medical Center to it's 1125 Madison Street campus. This will allow them to consolidate many specialty physician services provided at various Jefferson City locations to the new facility (estimated 30-35 physicians initially).

We worked extensively with the local staff to provide manufacturer samples for initial product evaluations, and upholstery/ finish options to determine the correct look and feel for their new Medical Clinic. After orders we approved, we tracked the textile mills progress to the different manufacturers and coordinated delivery/ installation times with the hospital to not impede progress with other areas of the project. It was imperative we minimized our interruption of daily flow being adjoined to the active hospital facility and complete work within inactive areas.

We are excited to be a part of this new addition to Capital Region, and their commitment to use local vendors. It is amazing to see the outcome of internal staffs commitment and hard work within making this project come to reality. This is a great convenience to their patients and should serve them well.


Samco Salesperson: Dan Sauer

Samco Design/ Project Management: Christy Hughes

CRMC Facilities Project Coordinator: Sharon Hagan


Areas we serviced throughout the facility include:

 - Waiting Areas  - Exam Rooms
 - Staff Work Areas  - Reception Seating
 - Lobby Lounge Areas  - Private Offices
 - Breakrooms  - Conference/ Meeting Areas
 - Childrens Seating  - Cafe Sitting Area
 - Main Entrance furnishings  - Pharmacy Seating

Below are images from this project:

JCMG Women & Children's Center

JCMG_Women&ChildrensCenter copy

Jefferson City Medical Group Women and Children's Center embodies two completely unique environments to complement its patients. Debbie Bond worked closely with Carol Craighead to develop product solutions that would support the desired aesthetic and perform well for the facility.

The Women's clinic utilized calming colors and patterns, mixed with a variety of seating sizes and shapes. This allowed for a atmosphere where women can feel more like they are taking a minute for themselves rather than sitting organized in rows waiting for their number to be called.

The Children's clinic took entirely different approach. Children need to be engaged (or for the parents sake, distracted)! To accomplish this there was a variety of vibrant colors and patterns selected, along with fun graphics, playful seating, and toys. For this area Debbie was able to partner with a manufacturer to specify a custom wrap-around banquette style bench to complement a planter displaying custom local artwork.

We were very fortunate to be a part of these new additions to the JCMG offering, and thoroughly enjoyed watching these designs come to life.


Samco Salesperson: Debbie Bond

JCMG Designer: Carol Craighead


Areas we serviced throughout the facility include:

 - Waiting Areas  - Exam Rooms
 - Staff Work Areas  - Reception Seating
 - Lobby Lounge Area  - Private Offices
 - Collaboration Spaces  - Conference/ Meeting Areas

Below are images from this project: