We have tools to supply your business, school, or healthcare facility.

Couldn't we all use a little more organization, extra lighting, or a chairmat before the sinkhole took away the center of the mat we currently roll on?

We have a large variety of sorters to keep projects grouped together in ways that help you prioritize and desk pads to keep the indentions from forming on your desktop from the last time the boss had you revise that report. All kidding aside, these accessories are tools that can help organize and reduce stress in the workplace with styles that speak your personality.

If you find yourself squinting to see what you're working on, we have a variety of options in lamps and other direct and indirect lighting allowing you to use 100% of your workspace.

We have limitless possibilities as far as shapes and sizes when it comes to chairmats. If you need some in a crunch though we have 58 standard cut options available next day. If there is nothing standard about the shape of your desk space and you have been through five chairmats constantly rolling off the edges...we can create a chairmat to mold to the interior space of your desk so you can move smoothly about the space.

Accessories Media

This is some humorous video promoting the wide range of mats we have available through our Genuine Joe line.