Below are a number of services we provide to our customers daily. We will customize a service program to cater to your business needs. Please contact one of our account managers to find out how we can save you time and money.

Live Chat

Our instant messaging communication feature allows you access to our staff without the need to pick up the phone. We have placed icons throughout the site (like the one to the lower left menu); as well as, in the online ordering system. If you have any questions regarding product, orders, or site navigation, click on the live assistance/live chat button and receive answers from our experienced local staff.

This feature is available during the hours of 8-5 CST Monday through Friday. If you have questions regarding how to use this tool or you are having problems with it working please click here.

Departmental Delivery

 Samco is glad to provide departmental delivery to your local business. Get supplies delivered quickly to your individual departments and save your distribution costs by letting us do it!










Next Day Delivery

Need product FAST? All orders placed by 4:30pm CST will be available next day (26,000 items). If you have branches outside Missouri we can deliver their product in 1-2 days of placing an order. If your located in central Missouri, contact us to find out your standard delivery schedule.

Electronic Invoicing

No more lost paper copies and wet or ripped invoices! We offer an automated electronic invoice that is received by the end user the day of their order. This service is available in an e-mail and fax format (whichever you prefer). Instead of waiting for your driver to supply you with this crucial information, you have the power. If for some reason it is misplaced or deleted, we can retrieve and re-send instantly! If you are not already signed up for this service and are interested click here.

Departmental Billing

Let us design a billing process that is easier and trouble-free. Ask your sales representative to develop a process which simplifies and reduces error for your organization. If you do not currently have a sales representative and would like to pursue designing a process that makes sense for your organization, click here.
Some examples of billing processes currently in place:
    1. Individual department billing
    2. Multiple department ordering with single source billing


Inventory Management

Constantly a  mess and short of necessary supplies, this is for you!

We will manage your supply closet. Our staff visits you on site to organize, take inventory, and maintain your supply closet. Do not let the toner/paper be missing before that important presentation again. Contact your sales representative to request this service, or if you don't have one click here and we will have someone get in touch with you.

Route Trak

Our sophisticated routing system maximizes the efficiency of getting product to your location.

From this electronic delivery system we can track when your product has been loaded for delivery, and tell you what time it was delivered with the last name of who signed for the packages.