Ask about Visual Impressions for your next furniture project.

by Jeremy | Jul 31, 2015 at 2:24 pm | News
It can be difficult to visualize how your furniture project will turn out. Sales teams put together quotes with twenty different product numbers per office, and line drawings of what the components all make. Then you pick from square swatches and chips to try and determine the desired aesthetic. Not exactly the easiest picture to assemble right?

We have recently invested in the ability to generate 3D renderings of specified furniture projects utilizing Samco's Visual Impressions. This allows us to apply the actual fabrics and finishes to the products you select, and place them within your building. We can add paint, trim, flooring, doors, columns, and windows to simulate your exact space.

Come by or ask your sales representative how you can take advantage of this new feature, and let's build a better project together!